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Amazon SEO

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, including more than 200 million prime members, Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace.

The traditional customer path has been completely altered by Amazon's ease, and many customers now begin and complete the buying cycle exclusively within their ecosystem. Brands can employ placement bidding on product pages across the Amazon marketplace and keyword bidding to increase exposure in search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to attract these customers.

Amazon has opened up entirely new prospects for eCommerce businesses, but it has also left many wondering where to begin. Get Digitalize has a track record of using the Amazon platform to take companies of all sizes to the next level.


Similar to how eCommerce products are promoted on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, Sponsored Products on Amazon's marketplace. Advertisers can choose sponsored display spots on competing items, category pages, and other Amazon pages, or they can appear on specific product and brand searches. The staff at Get Digitalize carefully chooses products to ensure that yours is seen and, eventually, in demand. Drive audiences who are prepared to buy to your products is our duty!

By placing your brand above competitive brands in your area and in relevant searches, using this sort of advertising can help build brand recognition. Brands who have the correct items but need a boost to their visibility benefit from better exposure as a consequence!


Since many of the advertising possibilities on Amazon are similar to those on other platforms, it may seem like a straightforward shift for most marketers, but firms frequently don't know where to begin. A tried-and-true Amazon strategy developed by Get Digitalize has helped hundreds of firms flourish online!


A solid foundation must be developed before you can even start to consider paid advertising. Based on thorough research, preparation, and eCommerce expertise, the Get Digitalize team expertly curates your Amazon store. The team makes sure that your store offers the greatest customer service and reach in comparison to your rivals. The Get Digitalize team not only makes sure your photos are keyword-rich and full of positive evaluations, but the group is also packed with creative design professionals who can curate lovely shops that adhere to corporate brand guidelines.


Additionally, Sponsored Brands have a PPC pricing structure, making them a viable alternative for all budgets. Sponsored Brands also offer special reporting features that include data for new-to-brand (or new customer) revenues and total first-time purchases over a 12-month period for a better understanding of new customer acquisitions. The Get Digitalize creative team can assist in enhancing or creating customised branding for any business in order to display distinctive and memorable branding as well as a seamless overall experience for consumers.


Customers are not only able to locate a single product they are looking for when firms engage in Amazon Advertising, but they may also find a new brand they adore, increasing brand loyalty. This implies that your expenditures are generating a client for life rather than simply a single transaction.

However, how do businesses do this? There are two main pillars that are crucial after the sale when working with agencies like Get Digitalize:

1. Review tracking: Express gratitude to users once they submit reviews! Users enjoy seeing consumer gratitude. However, people detest reading bad reviews, and Amazon has a problem with fake reviews. To counteract this and make sure your reputation is correct, work with an Amazon advertising agency like Get Digitalize!

2. Q&A: Users have queries during Q&A engagement! Get Digitalize exists to make sure your customers are at ease using your product, are knowledgeable about it, and eventually make a purchase.


It is obvious that getting started with Amazon Advertising is easier said than done. From store creation through transaction, Get Digitalize makes sure you have the support you need to expand. Contact Get Digitalize right now to talk with a specialist if you have any questions about Amazon Advertising or want to create the best plan for your company.

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